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Confessions of a Stuff Collector

One of the most jarring things about moving to New York, for me, was the concept of vertical living.  A born and bred California girl to the core, I used to joke about the fact that the two things I missed the most when I moved to the Big Apple were my garage and the […]

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Sandy - Alana,
This is beautifully written. You really captured the emotions your family has experienced these last few years. Made me cry…

TLPoague - My dad is stuff collector and has passed on his traits to my siblings and I. It is hard to decide what to pass along and what to keep. You described your dilemma in such a way that I could feel your pain.

The Can Cook Book

I hate cooking. Okay, I don’t hate it, but I really don’t enjoy it, which is so unfortunate because not only is it something I have to do multiple times a day, it’s something I have to do for four other people multiple times a day.   I can run but I can’t hide. Somehow I’ve […]

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stella burgi - Love. it.


Anonymous - “A” for effort as they say and you have really have been working at your cooking skills. I need to get my hands on this cookbook! Enjoyed reading about your journey to culinary happiness.

Mike - You go girl. Embrace your inner culinary prowess!